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Recently when I was arranging a Reiki appointment for someone I was asked if I did massage too.  Sadly, I had to say no I didn’t but it got me thinking that maybe I should be able to give this service as I know it will be so beneficial for people to be able to have a combination of therapies by just one person.  So now I am intending to do some complemantary therapy training.

I knew of a fantastic college locally as my daughter did her training there for the beauty industry.  I contacted them yesterday and I will be seeing them tomorrow to go through all my options with a view to starting in January 2019.  

Complementary Therapy Training

I am intending to do a level 3 in complementary therapy which will include, aromatherapy, advanced massage, reflexology.  Also, I will be topping this up with Indian head massage, stress massage, lymphatic drainage massage, on-site massage, stone therapy, meridian therapy, crystal therapy, chakra balancing and auric healing and thermo auricular therapy obviously alongside the Reiki.

So hopefully the next blog post I will have some good news following my interview with the college tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

It is so important to treat the body as a whole.  The body – the mind – the spirit.

If you have not tried hot stone therapy you must.  My daughter had to practice on me and it is the most wonderful massage and I will be so excited to be able to do this.

I will let you know how I get on at the college tomorrow.

Love & Light


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