So yesterday was my first day back at school or should I say college. I will be honest with you I was nervous but I was also very excited. As it turned out there was no need to be nervous I absolutely loved it. The other students in my group are fantastic and the tutors were amazing, funny, extremely knowledgeable and very approachable. So day one of level 3 complementary therapies – bring it on!

Never Too Old

The day started off with a coffee and a chat getting to know the other students in my group. A good mix of ages and personalities. We started off with a lesson on anatomy and physiology. I was volunteered as the human skeleton and everyone had to stick labels on me identifying different bones. Had a hilarious time with that one!

I knew from the start this was going to be an intensive course and I know the knowledge that will be gained is going to be incredible and worth every second. I have always believed in the body needs to be healed on a physical and emotional level. One without the other is just out of balance in my mind. Our bodies are capable of some amazingly incredible things and we need to focus on ourselves as a “whole”.

Before lunch, we all set up a treatment couch ready for the afternoon session. We were put into pairs and did a consultation on each other and then after lunch we did our first massage under supervision.

 level 3 complementary therapies

Obviously, it was fabulous to receive a massage but giving one too was really enjoyable. It’s a great feeling to know that something you are doing is making someone feel good and relaxed. My partner gave me some brilliant feedback which I was really pleased with and am now looking forward to next week to do it all again.

I guess one thing I want to put across is not about the importance of relaxation, etc but you are never too old to learn new things and to follow your dreams. The only person that stops you moving on is yourself.

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