This information sheet/page will support you in your preparations for your first, and following, Reiki treatments with myself.

Before the Reiki Treatment

When making your appointment, take into consideration the time of the day as well as what else you have planned for the day of your appointment. It is recommended that you do not schedule any other activity directly following the appointment that requires you to be up and running at full speed. Reiki is a very relaxing treatment; and therefore, you may be so relaxed afterwards that you really would not be able to function at your highest level. After a Reiki treatment, it is best to take it easy where possible.


Allow yourself 11⁄2 hours for your first appointment. This includes time to complete the ʻNew Client Intake Formʼ, time for a conversation with myself, and the Reiki Treatment itself.

The New Client Intake Form

Because Reiki is a whole person treatment, the information requested on the ʻNew Client Intake Formʼ consists of more than the usual Name, Address, City and Phone contact information. You will also be asked to list any current medical or psychological conditions, current prescription medications, as well as herbs, minerals, supplements, ʻover the counterʼmedication, and the history of other types of treatment you have used to address your wellness needs. Signing the ʻNew Client Intake Formʼ implies that the information you have listed is honest and accurate.

The First Appointment Intake Conversation

I will review the information you have supplied on the Client Intake Form and have a conversation about your expectations of the Reiki treatment. Since this is your first experience, I will give you a brief review of what Reiki is and what to expect during the treatment. There will be sufficient time for you to ask any further questions.

Safety Concerns

One important aspect of a Reiki treatment is that you are always safe, and I never leave you alone. If you should experience anything causing you discomfort, you are able to relate this immediately.

Preparations for the Reiki Treatment

It is wise for you to take a bathroom break prior to the beginning of the treatment. For any treatment, you will be fully dressed, removing only your shoes, jewellery and belts. The intent of Reiki is to re-establish the flow of energy, so any constrictions may hamper this process. In all probability, you will be lying on your back on a massage table with a pillow under your knees to reduce any stress on your lower back. You may have a pillow (adjusted to suit your comfort) or a folded towel under your head. Since deep relaxation often occurs with Reiki, leading to a decline in body temperature, you will be offered a blanket to prevent you from becoming cold. Specific music might be played in the background to support the deep relaxation process. I will take a few minutes before the treatment while sitting in silence at the treatment table to prepare myself for the energy flow during the treatment.

I may either put my hands lightly on your body, or hold my hands about 1⁄2” to 2 inches above the body. Both methods achieve the same outcome, but I will discuss with you which method you do prefer.

During the Reiki Treatment

During the treatment it is best to keep conversation to a minimum. Of course you may speak at any time you wish, but the fullest benefit of the deeply relaxing Reiki treatment is obtained by being mostly in silence during the treatment.

I have been attuned to allow the Universal Life Force Energy enter my body and to flow out my hands and/or fingertips. I will decide intuitively whether to apply this energy by scanning the whole body with a number of hand positions, to focus on specific areas of the body, or to focus on specific energy centers of the body (chakras). Either way the energy goes where it is needed, to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Allow yourself to relax fully during the treatment. Often clients fall into a deep and relaxing sleep during the treatment. I may ask if you are warm enough and are comfortable. You may experience unusual sensations in your body or you may receive new insights. Each person has a unique response to increased energy, and your experience can also vary from one session to another.

Ending the Reiki Treatment

I will let you know when the treatment has finished. You can take a few minutes on the table to come fully back into the present moment. You will be helped to get off the table, and you will be offered you a glass of water to drink to help rinse any released toxins out of your body.

At the end of your session

After completing the treatment, both you and I can decide whether to share or not to share what each has experienced during the treatment. I will not make interpretations about these experiences as this allows the intuitive approach to be as pure as possible. You will also be reminded that the effects of Reiki will last for several days and that old memories may emerge as your energy is releasing them.

Reiki and Relaxation

Since Reiki can result in profound relaxation, you may feel somewhat drowsy following the treatment. Be sure to mention this. If the drowsiness continues for more than a couple of minutes, I will either suggest you rest for 10 to 15 minutes before leaving the treatment room, or take a gentle stroll or relax in your car for 10 minutes, before travelling.

Your Response to the Treatment

As a recipient of Reiki, hopefully you will be able to feel the healing impact of this energy healing method. However if you donʼt feel anything either during, or in the following days of after, the treatment, do not assume that the Reiki was of no value. It is possible that its impact is too subtle for you to sense. A wonderful aspect of Reiki is that you do not have to experience it, or to believe in it for it to be beneficial.