There is an intimate relationship between the skin and the brain. When you place your hands on someone you open a gateway into their world. This includes self-esteem, thoughts and feelings, heart rate and breathing; all vital signs of their psychology. But also as therapists, we need to build an in-depth knowledge of the skin, muscles and bone structure as well as empirically connect with the client’s feelings.

Different Types Of Touch

Massage is one of the most pleasurable and intimate treatments and can have amazing results in ways you probably wouldn’t believe. Touch can bring a wave of emotions, and understanding the different touch modalities helps the therapist determine which type to use; they need to understand what different movements bring to the body and have a clear rationale in specific protocols.

For example, massaging the whole face with medium pressure can support circulation, stimulate cellular turnover and provide a halthy glow to any complexion. Stroking skin gently initates a rewarding response int he brain, releasing neurtransmitters: the loving and bonding hormone, oxytocin and rewarding hormone, dopamine.

The Skin and the Brain

There is a strong relationship between the skin and the brain; they have the same origin in the embryo. As the largest sensory organ, the skin acts as our protective barrier between our internal beings and external environment. The skin is also a visible emotional envelope that reflects our feelings but can also sense external information in the same way that the brain does – it can assess the strength of sounds, colours and light.

A therapist’s touch can be powerful in modulating emotion and can play a role in nurturing and social communication. Pleasant touch can increase quality of life, and decease stress in pre-operative situations in medical settings. It can help with relaxation, in turn reducing anxiety and insomni. Its impact on the brain can be shown by functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or electroencephalography (EEG).

All human senses are integrated and the first appreciate of touch is very important. Touch is much more emotionally coloured and subjective than other senses and a client’s state of mind should always be considered. It is a gentle touch in particular that makes people feel good, altering emotional state and bringing about calm. It is essential that the massage technique chosen by a therapist respects skin barrier integrity.

Bring it all together

The products too are of extreme importance. Quality is key here and while training as a therapist you get to use some really good quality products. Currently, new Japanese and Korean skincare have been a source of inspiration but it is the role of the therapist to integrate these into hands-on treatment protocols and translate them via touch to the client. An understanding of the active ingredients in detail is vital for providing the best treatments. We need to think independently about the types of touch, skin type, ethnicity, emotional needs, physical problems and personalise the treatment accordingly; this makes a huge difference to the therapist’s credibility and clinical results. When building connections with their clients, they need to listen to client feedback o how the skin feels and adjust techniques accordingly by understand what is often intangible and not fully expressed; their clients’ needs and expunctions.

Consultations should be holistic and take into consideration clients’ health and lifestyle thereby providing a more rounded and comprehensive treatment package.

I specialise in relaxation, stress relief and healing by combining Reiki and Massage and crystals; it releases blockages and gives your body the help to heal itself. I have seen some amazing results in such a short space of time. Two clients, in particular, have seen massive changes within themselves in both mind, body and spirit and it has been such a privilege and honour to witness these changes.

Treatment Room Availability

So I guess what I am saying here is, massage which is just a luxury to some is a hell of a lot more to others and to your therapist. It doesn’t just remove stress, headaches, tension etc the personal touch, particularly for people that are lonely, suffering from mental health issues has huge benefits.

This is why I also offer a concession price list for people on certain benefits. Yes, I love giving massages to people as a luxurious treat its wonderful but I get huge satisfaction giving them to people who need but can’t afford them and seeing the results in front of me at the end of the treatment but also as follow up. As a fibromyalgia sufferer, I know the impact of bad health on a physical and emotional level.

If you do nothing else for your wellbeing get yourself a message; even better get yourself one of my Reiki and body massages and not only enjoy it but receive the healing energy of Reiki and the care and the pure intent of healing love and light energy from an empathic and compassionate therapist.

Tracey xXx

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