Karma Times Laughter Club for Individuals

The Benefits of Laughter

Laughter Club sessions relieve stress, boosts immunity, fights depression, and eventually make people into more positive thinkers.

When you start laughing, your chemistry changes, your physiology changes, your chances to experience happiness are much greater.  A Karma Times Laughter Club session is nothing more than prepping the body and mind for happiness.

The Sources of Laughter

Laughter has two sources, one from the body, one from the mind. Adults tend to laugh from the mind.   We use judgments and evaluations about what’s funny and what isn’t. Children, who laugh much more frequently than adults, laugh from the body.  They laugh all the time they’re playing.   Taking part in a Karma Times Laughter Club session is based on cultivating your childlike playfulness. We all have a child inside us wanting to laugh, wanting to play.

William Fry, a psychiatrist at Stanford University states that in a career that spanned more than 50 years, he documented some of the health benefits of what he calls “mirthful laughter.” In a series of studies, Fry and his colleagues found that laughter increases circulation, stimulates the immune system, exercises the muscles, and even invigorates the brain. Other researchers have found that laughter reduces stress hormones and may even help prevent heart disease.

What About Fake Laughter?

But can fake laughter—laughter devoid of humor, laughter that’s forced rather than spontaneous—have the same beneficial effects? Fry believes that aside from the mental stimulation that comes in the moment of discovery when you hear a good joke or appreciate a pun, the effects should be largely the same. “I think it’s definitely beneficial,” says Fry and “I’m very much in favour of this”.

What Happens at a Karma Times Laughter Club Session

We start with a standard warm-up and some deep breathing before moving onto the laughter exercises.  To begin with, it is completely normal to feel a bit stupid but I promise it will not last very long. So do not worry if the laughter feels forced.  If you can’t laugh; fake it.   The body doesn’t know the difference between real laughter and fake laughter.  All sessions will include a guided meditation at the end of the session. 

Due to Covid-19 Pandemic

During the pandemic, the Karma Times Laughter Club sessions will be held online virtually via Zoom.   It works best if you have at least 2 people on each zoom feed from each household but you can have more or just yourself also.   You will be joined by other people via zoom. 

Each online session currently costs a minimum donation of £5 each and an online family session costs a minimum donation of £10 and can be booked by making a payment on our JustGiving Page.  Following payment, we will send you an email containing all the information you need to have to join the Zoom session.  Please make sure that you download the free Zoom app before the session.  Following a session, there will be a guided meditation.

At the end of the lockdown, there will be physical sessions held locally on a regular basis – venue to be confirmed but will be in Harrogate at least twice a week. 

There will also be corporate sessions that work incredibly well with team building, getting rid of stress and tension and more information on corporate events can be found by clicking here.

I look forward to seeing in our session.

Love and Laughter

Tracey Ward