My 30 Day Vegan Challenge

30 day vegan challenge

My health isn’t great I’m on medication for fibromyalgia, gerd, diabetes, heart rate etc and I’m finding it frustrating and worrying.  My daughter told me she wanted to try a plant based diet and to watch “What The Health” on Netflix along with “The Game Changers”.  Wow all I can say is I urge you to watch them both.  

As a result my daughter and I will be starting my 30 day vegan challenge from Monday, 2nd December 2019.  Yep that means no turkey at Christmas but after what I watched last night I don’t care.  I was intersted to find out that the protein we actually get from meat is from the food that they eat.  Cattle etc are just the middle man in the whole process.  

I don’t mind vegetables in fact I like them a lot more than I did when I was younger.  The only thing I’m not keen on are kidney beans etc so this will be interesting.  Next week I will get a health and lifestyle blood test and will do it again after 30 days.  

If anyone has any vegan tips I’d be very grateful for them, recipe suggestions, anything at all.  For those of you that have not watched the two documentaries that I mention please give them a viewing it really open your eyes to a lot of things.

I actually feel quite excited by it so bring it on!  Why not do it with me..  

Tracey x