Customer Testimonials

Massage Testimonials

“So relaxing, in a warm comfortable environment. Tracey was so down to earth, funny, sincere and kind. I had a wonderful massage and all the pain lifted in my back and legs I almost fell asleep. For a week later I felt like I floated everywhere and might sound dramatic but my life changed dramatically like a blockage was cleared. I highly recommend Tracey and Karma Times, I’ll be going again xx”  Dianna 

“Tracey is easy to chat to and makes you feel relaxed and at ease. I thoroughly enjoyed my session and can,f wait to go again. Very professional and friendly” Christine

“Very relaxing and soothing, feel much less tension in my shoulders and back” Egle

“This was lovely!  Very relaxing and enjoyable.  Tracey is kind and thoughtful throughout.  Truly enjoyable”  CMS

“Lovely experience – made to feel completely relaxed and forget my cares.  Nice technique for massaging” R.H.

“Lovely and relaxing almost fell asleep!”  Katie

“Absolutely lovely, thorough and relaxing.  Good pressure and technique”  D.K.

“Felt really relaxed.  Tracey made me feel very confident in what she was doing.  Enjoyed the massage really made me feel good.  The whole experience was amazing – wish I could take Tracey home with me.  Will sleep well tonight I’m sure”  PH

“Absolutely fantastic massage.  I was so relaxed.  Will definitely be back”. SR

“Lovely and relaxing thank you!  As good as any massage I have had in a spa.  Loved the smell of the oils”.  A.S.

“Tracey was fantastic – good pressure as requested and eased my tension around my shoulders – Thank you”  S.D.

“Tracey is lovely, kind and very professional.  Very easy to talk to and I feel very relaxed and content”  L.C.S.

“Amazing full body massage.  Perfect amount of pressure, I feel very relaxed.  Loved the leg massage too” Z.S.

Reflexology Testimonials

“Absolutely fantastic!  Thank you so much for such a relaxing, calming experience.  100% recommend.  Feet feel refreshed and light”.  L.C.

“A first treatment.  Very interesting and informative.  Very relaxing”.  M.B.

“Really relaxing and great pressure.  Thank you so much I loved it!”  A.B.

“A very relaxing experience”  K.H.

“Fabulous therapist.  Really relaxing”  V.D.

“Loved it.  Tracey is very professional.  So relaxing.  Could go to sleep now!”  Pat

“Feeling very relaxed!  Could definitely feel areas of blockages and crystals that Tracey found.  Thank you”.  A.D.

“Really enjoyed it.  Was interesting to hear the crystals pop!” Jean

“Fabulous therapist and treatment.  Very professional”.  C.H.

“Unsure what to expect but really felt good and very interesting result.  Tracey is very professional and kind.  Thank you”.  C.M.S.

“Feet felt much better after last weeks treatment and less hard today after treatment. It was very relaxing”.  RH

“Excellent foot pressure.  Very relaxing and calming”.  N.H.