Welcome to Karma Times.

We are a “not for profit” limited by guarantee community interest company (CIC). Located in the beautiful spa town of Harrogate we provide various complimentary therapies.  

The profit from our private client’s treatments goes back into the company to provide free therapies to people in Harrogate and the surrounding area that are facing an emotional and/or physical crisis and on a low income.

I became a CIC on 6 April 2020 and this means I am now able to apply for grants and funds to help me to achieve this. As soon as there are funds to treat people I will make an announcement on this website. In the meantime, people in an emotional crisis and on a low income can still have treatments but pay by “donation only” depending on what they can afford.

I will be liaising with various groups and organisations throughout Harrogate to help people suffering from mental health and will be working towards a referral of service users also.

I am pleased to announce that my daughter will be joining me at Karma Times CIC. Jean is a micro-blading and nano-blading artist but is also level 3 beauty trained having four years experience. She is incredible at what she does so I am very excited to be working alongside her. She will also be providing eyebrow micro-blading and nano-blading to people who have lost their eyebrows due to alopecia and to radiotherapy and on a low income.

I work from Capello’s Salon on Kings Road.  To make appointments please contact me directly on 07939 640338 or book an appointment online.   You will find this option at the bottom of the price list.  Simply find the treatment you require and click on it and it will give you dates and times to choose from.  

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She will be providing waxing, massage, eyebrows, nails and I will update the treatment list with prices nearer the time. She will be working Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. As usual, I will be working Thursday, Friday and Saturdays.

Thank you

Tracey x

Price List


Reiki 60 minutes £40

Reiki 4 x 1-hour sessions £150

Swedish Massage

Full Body 90 minutes £45

Back of Body Massage 45 minutes £35

Back, Neck and Shoulders 30 minutes £25

Aromatherapy Massage

Full Body 90 minutes £50

back of Body Massage 45 minutes £40

Back, Neck and Shoulder 30 minutes £30

Foot Spa and Massage 30 minutes £20

Aromatherapy Consultations to address an individual’s needs 

Reiki, Massage, Reflexology and Crystal Combination (RMC)

1hr to 2hrs depending on individual needs £80


Luxury Reflexology – (Aromatherapy Foot Spa, Reflexology, Pedicure, Hot Paraffin Wax or Masque)  £58

Deluxe Reflexology (Foot Spa followed by either paraffin wax or foot masque)  £49

Reflexology and Aromatherapy Foot Spa £35

Reflexology (45 mins) £30

Facial reflexology – coming soon

Manicures &  Pedicures

Luxury Manicure – File, Shape, Cuticle Work, Exfoliation, Hand and Arm Massage, Hot Paraffin treatment, Buff (polish £5.00 extra)  £49

Deluxe Manicure – File, Shape, Cuticle Work, Exfoliation, Hand and Arm Massage, Hand Masque Treatment, Buff (polish £5 extra)   £36

Express Manicure – File, Shape, Cuticle Work (if needed) and Buff   £22

Gel Polish (Hands or Feet) £15

Gel Removal  (Hands or Feet) £12

Gel Removal and Replace (Hands or Feet) £25

Gel Nail Enhancements £35  (£25 current offer)

Acrylic Nail Enhancements £35  (£25 current offer)

Acrylic Infill and Rebalance £25  (20 current offer)

Nail Repair (up to 2 weeks)  Free

Nail Repair (2 weeks to 3  weeks) £3/nail


Luxury Pedicure – Same as Standard but with an Aromtherapy Foot Spa, Hot Paraffin Wax or Foot Masque, and a Full Reflexology Treatment –  £59   (polish £5 extra)

Deluxe Pedicure – Same as Standard but with an Aromatherapy Foot Spa, Hot Paraffin Wax or Foot Masque) – £45  (polish £5 extra)

Standard Pedicure – (File, Shape, Foot Spa, Cuticle Work, Exfoliation, Foot Massage, polish or buff) – £30  (polish £5 extra)

Other Treatments Available

Microblading by Jean Walker £150

Microblading Top Up by Jean Walker £50 (4-6 weeks after initial session)

Microbladidng Skin Test £0 (at least 48hrs before procedure)

Aromatherapy Consultations.  Initial consultation followed with an individual aromatherapy product to address issues raised during the consultation (coming soon)



I founded an online mental health support group called Harrogate Black Dog back in 2005 and there are now nearly 600 members.  It is a great group and people provide each other with support and understanding without being judged or ridiculed.

I retrained as a complementary therapist and during my training I practiced on the group members.  I knew that it would be something that they would enjoy but I wasn’t prepared for the changes that happened in people because of it.

Over 87% of people felt an immediate sense of relaxation and calmness directly following a treatment.   This improved even more following a second treatment.  This is when I realised that I needed to set up some kind of organisation/charity to be able to provide these treatments and therapies to people who could not afford them but would benefit from them.

Complementary therapies in the area cost at least £30+ which when you are on a low income is out of reach.  Complementary therapies  are considered to be a luxury for most people; the people who need it are unable to pay for it.   I want to change this; not only does it save the NHS money it helps service users and clients to prevent a lot of stress and anxiety related condidtions.  Complementary therapies can not only help people in crisis but as I have already said also help to prevent or decrease the symptoms.

Moving forward I will help to educate people including employers with regards to complementary therapies and the positive benefits it entails.  Eventually also setting up group meetings offering a variety of services all aimed at improvement in the quality of life and the reduction of stress.

I am currently putting together an anthology.  A collection of poems written by people struggling with their mental health and also by the loved ones of people who are struggling.  This is to raise much needed awareness.  I would like to get this published in time for Mental Health Awareness week in October.  All profits will go towards the business and will be used to provide free therapies for people in need.  The book will be called “A Darker Shade of Blue”.   I am currently still accepting poems if you have one you would like to donate please contact me at tracey.ward@karmatimes.co.uk making sure it has a title and your name.

I am in the process of making charity bracelets and the funds will also go towards the cause and hopefully in the not too distant future they will be made available on this site and also in my treatment room. 

For more information on these, you will find what’s coming on the price list page.

I also have a health and wellness lifestyle blog which you can find here.

Thank you

Tracey x



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